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I have listed five important issues including Security, Construction, Cleanliness, Accommodation and Acoustics:-



  • Our home and Rabbitry is monitored internally and externally by professionally fitted CCTV
  • Housing pets indoors ensures they are not exposed to natural predators.
  • The double glazed entrance door and windows are fitted with multi-point locking systems.
  • A floodlit motion sensor security light is also fitted to the exterior of the Rabbitry.



  • The Rabbitry was designed and built to our specifications purposely to house rabbits and guinea pigs.
  • The brick built construction consists of a tiled roof and concrete floor to create an environment to maintain a cool and even temperature throughout the summer months; this ensures that unlike a wooden shed, the temperature within does not fluctuate throughout the day and therefore does not cause overheating and undue stress to our boarders.
  • The building is well ventilated having numerous airbricks at floor and roof level allowing for a healthy supply of fresh air to flow throughout without causing harmful drafts.



  • Hand Sanitiser Alcohol Gel is used throughout the day, and always between handling and grooming rabbits or guinea pigs.
  • Grooming tools are sterilised between each guest
  • Hutch cleaning utensils are disinfected between use with Trigene High Level Surface Disinfectant spray
  • To maintain high levels of cleanliness and disease control a Housekeeping Service is provided daily for each guest to ensure comfort at all times.
  • The Rabbitry floor is fully tiled with terracotta tiles which is swept, vacuumed daily and fully mopped regularly using a high level surface disinfectant.
  • All work surfaces are disinfected daily.



  • All hutches are professionally constructed on site by my husband, Richard to a specific design. This maximises cleanliness, safety and security and ensures they can be renewed and repaired as required.
  • All rabbit hutches are a minimum of 6 foot wide by 2 foot high and 2 foot deep. Guinea Pig hutches are 5 foot wide 18 inches high, and 2 foot deep
  • Hutches are thoroughly cleaned, swept, vacuumed, disinfected, allowed to dry and dressed between guests.



  • To minimise stress levels and provide auditory stimulation the radio is played at a low volume and tuned to Radio 2.