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Thornton a five year old Dutch doe was an elusive little bun who didn’t like the lime light too much, in fact she was incredibly shy and timid; so much so, we placed a screen over one side of the hutch for her to hide behind. Throughout her stay with us she spent most of her time hiding and sitting in her bed munching hay, however to our surprise on a number of occasions she started showing off by standing on her hind legs on top of a giant hay tunnel, where she would happily watch me attend to the needs of the other bunnies. Adored by her owner, we made extra sure to attend to Thornton’s sensitive nature while in our care. Throughout her stay, we observed significant changes in her behaviour, and witnessed first hand a more courageous side to her personality. A pretty little bun, I think Thornton enjoyed her stay with us despite being overtly shy; she ate her food, enjoyed her treats and played with her toys regularly.