Mokey a French Lop

Mokey a pampered and much loved house bunny was only 18 months old when he came to stay with us for the first time during Christmas 2010. This handsome French Lop buck unfortunately sulked throughout the first few days of his stay and it was only later when he had comfortably settled in and become familiar with us and the other boarders that his true character started to shine through. Mokey a lovable rogue with a huge personality soon had us both running around after him and first thing each morning he would rattle his hutch door to get my immediate and undivided attention. He loved nothing more than re-arranging his wood shavings to reveal a big patch of hutch floor upon which he would flop out on his belly quite contentedly while observing the daily goings on in the Rabbitry. In superb health, Mokey had the most amazing glossy black fur coat yet, despite his gorgeous appearance this big bun could on occasion be grumpy when he just preferred to be left alone; however for the majority of his stay he loved to be stroked and be made a fuss of. When Mokey went home, I have to admit I quite missed the bossy boots ordering me around, his bigger than average sized personality made a huge impact in the Rabbitry not only on me but visitors alike who couldn’t help notice Mokey’s presence