Lucy - a Black Alaskan rabbit Hayden Hayden Lucy

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Lucy was a little angel when she came to stay with us a friendly, sociable, pretty little doe who fitted in to her new surroundings extremely well. Hayden on the other hand was a little more apprehensive although he took comfort in Lucy’s presence and sharing a hutch with her. Both bunnies were like two peas in a pod, and bonded extremely well; in fact for the most part both Lucy and Hayden were inseparable. Both bunnies were used to eating a special low calcium diet, and were not accustomed to eating dried pellets/flakes like other bunnies, so we made sure to strictly adhere to Hayden and Lucy’s daily diet. Breakfasts and evening meals consisted of a large bowl of mixed vegetables and fruit made up of carrots, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, mini corn with sliced banana on top; a Glucosamine tablet was crushed and sprinkled over the top of breakfast as a health supplement. Lunch times were treat times and each bunny looked forward to nibbling one peanut, a dried cranberry and a mini shredded wheat. Each bunny disliked drinking water and instead preferred to share a bowl of diluted cranberry juice. Lucy was quite the lady bun displaying manners at all times and always behaving herself whereas Hayden soon came out of his shell and displayed the more boisterous side of his nature, however Lucy isn’t at all fazed by his behaviour, in fact on a couple of occasions when Hayden quite boldly stole her treats, she simply ignored him. Both bunnies were a pleasure to have stay in the Rabbitry as you can see from the photos, Hayden is quite the poser and Lucy’s angelic nature and pretty features really shine through