Dudley a Tri Colour Lop Another picture of Dudley

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Dudley a four-year-old Lop buck is without doubt a positively pampered bunny who has the run of his owner’s house. Dudley’s owner absolutely dotes on this bundle of fur, which became evident when we were given a full bag of treats for Dudley’s stay with us over the Christmas period. Dudley was litter trained and his owners requested carpet instead of wood shavings and we were only too happy to oblige; Dudley had wall to wall carpet with a large litter tray at one end filled with cat litter, and his own plastic hideaway at the other which we lined with veterinary fleece for comfort and extra warmth. At feeding times, Dudley preferred his dry mix pellets poured into a yellow plastic ball with an opening so he could happily roll it around the hutch floor to release the food pellets at his leisure. Dudley’s owners informed us he loved to run around the garden and would return to the house immediately when whistled. We couldn’t allow Dudley to run in the garden, however when we whistled at Dudley now and then and he would lift his head and stand by the hutch door for a fuss. Dudley wasn’t used to living in a hutch, and we were surprised how well he adapted and kept himself occupied with all his treats and chews. Maintaining a clean and tidy hutch was easy with Dudley, each day I had to clean out the litter tray and remove strands of uneaten hay off the carpet, however Dudley refused to let me use a dustpan and brush, insisting I use the vacuum cleaner, which of course I did. Dudley’s owner informed us he was a confident bunny – and that’s just how he behaved throughout his stay with us. He was friendly, loving and a real pleasure to have him stay with us.