Thorn - A Polish Rabbit Shadow - A polish rabbit

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Shadow a Martin Sable buck and Thorn an agouti doe were both 16 weeks old when they checked in to Barnsley Bunny Boarding at Christmas. Their owner preferred to house each in separate hutches while in our care, as the bunny pair hadn’t been bonded. Shadow disliked being handled whereas Thorn was always sitting at the front of the hutch eagerly awaiting the door to be opened to be picked up and fussed. Shadow would often run to the far side of his hutch when approached whereas Thorn simply loved attention. Despite being elusive, Shadow would often confidently stand for short periods of time on top of her log tunnel peering at the other boarders. Both bunnies had a huge appetite and looked forward to their evening veggies.


Since their first visit Shadow and Thorn are now bonded and happily living together, both are regular visitors and enjoy their time spent with us.