Sparkle & Twinkle
Twinkle and Sparkle, two 18 month old Rex bunnies are like two peas in a pod and adore each other’s company immensely. Sparkle is the tri-coloured Rex and Twinkle the darker of the two. Both loved nothing more than participating in regular mad five minute play times, which involved chasing each other around the hutch and getting giddy at feeding time. Each bun had a ravenous appetite and both their dry and fresh foods were devoured each day. Both are messy little monkeys, and despite my best efforts to try and maintain a tidy hutch, each bunny wanted none of it and all the wood shavings, hay and toys would be churned into a heap – this was a daily occurrence. Sparkle and Twinkle were naturally inquisitive and interested in the other boarders and also the regular visitors checking their pets in and out throughout the festive season. Regular naps involved each bun snuggling up to each other in the bunny bed and looking cute. Both were good-natured, sociable, friendly and loved being fussed