The Lionhead the Witch and the Wardrobe Leo a Sooty fawn Lionhead Leo

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Leo’s two-week stay with us was the exception rather than the rule. Leo’s owner had returned home to live with her parents on a temporary basis, unfortunately she discovered her mum was seriously allergic to bunnies and so Leo had to be found alternative accommodation as soon as possible. Due to the fact Leo was not vaccinated against VHD or Myxi we would not house him in the Rabbitry alongside our own rabbits and the other boarders staying with us as the time. Leo was a much loved and pampered house rabbit and used to the comforts of central heating, so to alleviate the immediate problem faced by his owner of finding temporary accommodation for Leo, we decided to care for him in our own home. We were used to caring for rabbits in our own home when unusual or extraordinary circumstances dictated. Leo’s temporary home consisted of a plastic five-foot hutch, the top half which was transparent with a door in the top for easy access. His living quarters for two weeks was confined to the study area and we fitted a baby gate behind the door for added security. We wanted Leo to settle in as soon as possible and so we covered half the hutch with a blanket so he wouldn’t feel too much on show, which also gave him somewhere to hide. To make Leo’s surroundings feel like a home from home Leo was given supervised free runs of the study each day for a minimum of four hours when he would get up to all sorts of mischief. We provided toys and he loved playing with a plastic ball with a bell inside which he would hurl around the room on numerous occasions and make lots of noise. He also loved rolling around and tugging the blanket which was placed in the centre of the room on the carpet. Naughty habits consisted of chewing the hem of my curtains and attempting to chew my wicker chair. He also loved climbing on top of the books in the bookcase for a crafty nap. If I was sat working at the computer Leo would run over and tug the hem on my jeans! Leo the 18 months old Lionhead is a house rabbit anyone would love as a pet – he is extraordinarily clean, cute as a button and with a fun loving personality. I missed Leo so much when he returned home – I moved Pebbles my Netherland Dwarf in to the house!!!