Bunny - Showing an interest in the camera! Bunny - Relaxed French Lop

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Bunny, a French Lop doe was still only a baby at seven months old when she boarded with us during Easter 2011. We immediately took a liking to her, and first impressions dictated she had a friendly and sociable nature. After placing Bunny in her hutch on check-in day, she sat quietly in her litter tray looking calm, cute and serene. After only five minutes Bunny unexpectedly set off on a digging frenzy, which can only be described as a quest to empty her litter tray completely of its contents. Bunny’s owner warned us of her strong personality and bad habits, however I was confident Bunny would behave herself when she settled in. Absolutely not, this little monster in a rabbit suit proceeded, without fail to manoeuvre mounds of wood shavings from one side of her hutch to the other, and rearrange the hutch furnishings, which she thoroughly enjoyed! Like most large breed rabbits, Bunny disliked being picked up for any length of time, and absolutely hated the sweeping brush; each day I swept in front of her hutch extremely slowly so as not to alarm her. Bunny’s over expressive nature is only natural for any rabbit of her age – it’s a sign of being young, inquisitive and full of vitality. Bunny’s owner unconditionally loves her and spoils her to bits. At home Bunny has the run of the utility room!