Oliver - sooty Fawn Mini Lop Oliver Oliver

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Oliver, a Sooty Fawn Mini Lop buck was only fifteen months old when he came to stay at Barnsley Bunny Boarding during April 2011. An affectionate and extremely inquisitive little bun he loved to munch radishes and celery. At dinner he was more interested in what was going on in the Rabbitry rather than tucking into his food. In fact he never stopped hopping around; he was so playful, energetic and active preferring instead to peer out of his hutch at the other boarders when the door was opened, we decided as a safety precaution to move Oliver to a hutch on a lower level. Oliver’s owners love this cute little bundle of fur who has, over a short period of time, become a very important and valued member of the family. Oliver was acquired from a specialist breeder and it is evident to see from the photograph he’s from healthy breeding stock; his coat is dense and of good length, his eyes are bright and his head is broad and well developed for his age. He was a little darling to care for and we look forward to seeing Oliver again in August.