Guinness Guinness - A Netherland Dwarf

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The first thing we noticed about Guinness was that where food is concerned, he is without doubt a complete and utter guzzle guts. At feeding times his head would be foraging in the food dish before the food touched the bowl! The second trait we became aware of was his dislike of being picked up for any length of time, and to top it all off he’s an ardent jumper! So when it came to taking his photo we had quite a dilemma on our hands so we opted to take his photo at floor level for safety reasons. Guinness thoroughly and quite surprisingly stood still for the photo shoot and we think enjoyed all the attention even if we had to lay full length on the floor to take his photo. Guinness is no ordinary bunny; he’s a thoroughly pampered house rabbit, who prefers the home comforts of carpet to wood shavings. We lined his hutch with new carpet placing a litter tray at one end and a bunny bed at the other. Guinness loved to stand on his log tunnel and show off to the other boarders and watch the world go by. He also enjoyed munching large amounts of Excel dandelion forage although he never ate any of the hay in his bunny bed; instead he preferred to lounge in the hay and snooze quietly from time to time. Guinness can be a little strong headed at times and a bit of a show off, but he’s simply a darling to care for and he settled in to the Rabbitry extremely well. Oh, and he loves his nose tickling.