Jess, Chinchilla French Lop  

Jess, a Chinchilla French Lop doe is a gentle giant who loves oodles of affection, and is doing extremely well health wise for a six-year-old bunny.  She loves to run and hop around and gets up to all kinds of mischief at home.  She’s what we refer to as a ‘veggie bunny’ simply because she can empty a large bowl full of veggies within minutes, even cherry tomatoes which most buns don’t particularly like.  A few raisins now and then go down a treat and she can munch her way through large amounts of hay all day.  She’s also been seen picking up log chews and toy balls with her teeth and throwing them around the hutch when she had a mind to.  Preferring instead to lay full length in the centre of her hutch rather than sleep in the bunny bed, Jess loves to catnap and have a crafty snooze now and then. Jess willingly gives back as much love and affection as she receives; a thoroughly pampered bunny and rightly so, with a huge heart, a gentle temperament and quite frankly eye lashes to die for!

Jess a Chinchilla French Lop Jess