Alfie, is this my best side! Alfie the Lop rabbit

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Alfie is a stunning looking two year old lop buck who was in superb health when he came to visit us for a week; his black shiny coat was in excellent condition and he was just the correct weight for a rabbit of his breed and age. Alfie's owners feed him Supreme Science Selective with Aniseed and Fenugreek with the odd chocolate drop now and then thrown in for a treat. Alfie stayed with us for a total of ten days and for the first half of his stay wasn't very mobile instead preferring to just sit at the front of his hutch and observe the daily goings on in the rabbitry. Alfie was a shy bunny who wasn't too keen on being fussed and probably found the new surroundings a little new and daunting. Each day I monitored his behaviour hoping he would become more active and hop around, dig or play with his toys. About half way through his stay Alfie started to display signs of being a little more relaxed; he'd sit in his bunny bed munching hay, and began digging in the wood shavings each morning when I cleaned the hutch. Adamantly refusing to use the litter tray, Alfie preferred instead to do his toileting at the side of the litter tray! Within a short space of time, Alfie came out of his shell and his boisterous personality began to shine through; he would get excited when I entered the Rabbitry first thing in the mornings and he would often show off by running backwards and forwards from one side of the hutch to the other. By the end of his holiday I was able to fuss him in the hutch. I became really attached to Alfie and was sorry to see him leave as I do most of the boarders who stay!