Sammy Rosie Harry

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This trio of Netherland Dwarfs took up temporary residence with us for two weeks in June 2011, when each boarded separately in their own hutch.

SAMMY: Sammy is the youngest of the three at only five months old. He is quite excitable, loves affection and would often get my undivided attention. An odd little bunny, Sammy preferred to use his bunny bed for toileting and his litter tray to store his toys. A handsome buck with oodles of personality, Sammy was a pleasure to care for.

ROSIE: Rosie was quite different; in fact she began displaying signs of being broody early on in her stay, exhibited by her behaviour of nest building; Rosie made the most beautiful fur lined nest in the far corner of her hutch behind her bunny bed. We left the nest alone just in case she happened to give birth although we knew the likelihood of this happening was unlikely. Rosie was a very clean and tidy rabbit who used her litter tray daily. To protect her nest Rosie piled wood shavings up to the end of the bunny bed in a huge mound to hide it from view. Rosie is a gentle and extremely friendly bunny who loved playing with her toys.

HARRY: Harry couldn't have been more different from Sammy and Rosie; I have to say in all honesty he was the dirtiest little devil we've had to-date!!! Refusing to use the litter tray he preferred instead to spray the entirety of the inside of the hutch including the mesh doors, the rabbitry floor and me!!! Each day I removed Harry from the hutch to give the walls a thorough cleaning to remove the stains. A very excitable and overtly energetic rabbit, Harry couldn't keep still for five minutes. I could hold him in my arms for a couple of minutes and tickle his forehead which he loved, however he'd soon let me know when he wanted to be put back in his hutch. Despite his filthy little habits I have to say I became quite fond of Harry; he's quite the lovable bunny.