Buster and Honey Chicken Buster and honey Chicken

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It was by sheer luck rather than skill that we acquired these two adorable photos as Buster and Honey were more interested in hopping around rather than having their photo taken; we must have taken dozens of shots just to get one good one. A pair of cuties, each bun likes to spend most of their time up to mischief and love nothing better than to dig and scratch in the wood shavings and hay. Both these little darlings are house rabbits, loved unconditionally by their owner who gives them free run of the house including access to upstairs. Buster pictured here on the left, is very affectionate and doesn’t mind being picked up for cuddles or a groom, whereas Honey (also known as Chicken) prefers to be left to do her own thing. Buster and Honey have ravenous appetites and while in our care munched their way through mounds of hay, dry mix and veggies. Each has a superb temperament and were always eager to greet me at the hutch door.