Spencer’s owners were extremely worried about leaving him for the first time in boarding, and were rather upset on check-in day. Spencer a tri-coloured Lionhead Lop buck was only one year old, and part of a family, which love and pamper him unconditionally. He was booked in to stay for only four days and for the first two, was a little baffled by his new surroundings and was probably thinking why he’d been taken away from all that was familiar to him. For the majority of the first couple of days he would sit close to the hutch door and observe the goings on in the Rabbitry. We kept a close eye on Spencer and monitored his behaviour closely; we placed him in a hutch where we could approach him easily at eye level, so to get to know him better by talking to him and feeding him fresh food by hand. Day three Spencer had accustomed himself to the routine of the Rabbitry, and let down his guard; he became more active, hopping around, tucking into his dry mix and munching hay.