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Rosie an impressively stunning snow coloured three-year-old Lionhead Lop doe was a little madam with a formidable temper. She instantly disliked being left in a strange place and decided from day one to put up a defence. Rosie’s owner informed us she was contemplating having Rosie neutered to help alleviate her rather strong personality. Upon check-in I was informed Rosie was not litter trained, however when Rosie was collected, she was fully litter trained; in fact she took to toileting in the litter tray exceptionally well, and is one of the cleanest bunnies we’ve had stay with us. The only problem was she loved to lounge in the tray for sporadic five-minute naps! Quite strange behaviour considering she had a hay filled bunny bed to snooze in. Rosie had an insatiable appetite and was fed Mr Johnson’s Everyday Advanced Food, which she loved along with the usual daily portion of veggies and endless bundles of hay.