Lilly Ronnie

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Lilly and Ronnie came to stay with us for a few days in January 2011. Lilly a tri-coloured Dwarf Lop was doing extremely well health wise for a seven-year old doe despite having recurrent health problems. Ronnie was in the peak of physical fitness for a five-year-old bunny and both couldn’t have been more loved or cared for by their doting owners who simply wanted the best for both of them. Both bunnies were used to daily routines and we endeavoured to adhere to their particular routine religously. Lilly and Ronnie’s menu for the day is somewhat different to the average bunny diet – it consisted of the usual dry pellets, grass and veggies however in addition each bun received a mini weetabix and a walnut which would be devoured in a split second. Dried cranberries and coconut were also an additional treat. In addition cranberry juice was added to water and mixed with a crushed glucosamine tablet to help alleviate Lilly’s bladder and joint problems, and maintain Ronnie’s good health. Despite having health problems Lilly remained in good spirits and was alert to the goings on in the Rabbitry. She loved her head stroking and had the most ravenous appetite – she ate everything she was given, in fact they both did. When each bunny checked-in Ronnie, a little apprehensive of his new surroundings refused to budge out of his litter tray – he was adamant he was staying put. Of course this was to change when I later offered him a weetabix, which he immediately snatched from me and gobbled up. I was to discover he always became somewhat giddy when I offered him a weetabix because he knew lunch would soon follow. Ronnie liked to rearrange the contents of his hutch especially his cuddly toy, which would be moved quite regularly. In contrast, Lilly on her first day in the Rabbitry immediately found the most comfortable spot in her hutch and sat down in her bunny bed while her mum helped her settle in with a few treats and reassuring words. Lilly the little darling certainly reduced our stocks of hay – the guzzle guts! Each bunny was monitored closely and Lilly more so due to the fact she was taking prescription drugs. As you can see from the photographs Lilly is a pretty little bunny and Ronnie extremely handsome even if we had to bribe him with a weetabix to take his photo!