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Smokey is a gorgeous lion head buck who is a regular visitor to our Rabbitry and has been for the past five years, sometimes even staying with us twice a year. Smokey is a much loved house rabbit and valued member of the family, and according to his mum rules the roost at home, and at the best of times thinks he’s a dog.

This little bunny answers to his name, gets up to all kinds of mischief and is quite a lovable little character who demands attention at all times. Without doubt Smokey likes to be the centre of attention and when in our care he knows how to get a fuss and tickle by stamping his hind legs.

Smokey requires grooming everyday and despite our best efforts to keep him dapper at the best of times, he loves nothing more than to cover himself in wood shavings, which stick to his long mane. This cheeky little chappy and adorable bunny loves cabbage leaves and oodles of affection.