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Despite the Herculean name, Bruce a New Zealand White was shy and retiring when he came to stay at Barnsley Bunny Boarding for his summer holidays. He would sit in the corner quietly observing his new surroundings and inquisitively looking at the other boarders in the rabbitry. At first when I filled his food dish he would sit at the back of the hutch and not display any signs of interest or wanting a fuss; after a few days he would sit by the food bowl patiently waiting in anticipation, and would let me stroke his head and his ears as I filled his dish. Bruce is a well-mannered young buck, and a delight to have in the rabbitry. Bruce’s owner gave us a square piece of comfort card, which Bruce nibbled on from time to time. Most of all Bruce liked large cabbage leaves, which he would gobble up in one sitting. His annoying habits would involve a major redevelopment of his hutch which he would engage in daily; this would include pushing his shavings from one side of the hutch to the other and making mounds, upturning his food dish and hiding his hay under his wood shavings.