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Fudge is without doubt a pretty looking lop who is a regular visitor to Barnsley Bunny Boarding, and has been a guest of ours for over four years now. Fudge guards her food dish with her life! She’s one of those bunnies who has pouncing at you off to an art. There’s no aggression involved in her actions, Fudge is simply over protective of her personal space. We have an understanding Fudge and I – she’s the boss and I do as I am told! Fudge is not a big carrot eater; in fact I don’t know why I bother to give her carrots because it’s very rare she eats them, she loves a small piece of apple now and then and greens. Fudge won’t eat her dry mix straight away at feeding time; in fact she sometimes leaves a little in her bowl for later. Despite her protective nature, Fudge doesn’t mind being picked up for a fuss and having her nails trimmed, after which she will spend several minutes grooming herself to perfection.