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Bunny was without doubt a strong-minded buck when he came to board with us, who was a little charmer when he had a mind to be. His owner warned us before hand of his tendencies to jump out of the hutch given half the chance, so we placed him in a hutch at floor level as a safeguard. Each day upon filling his food dish he would try any means possible to jump out of his hutch, which proved exceptionally difficult at the best of times especially when cleaning him out! The usual procedure is to place very young or exceptionally active bunnies in a holding carrier where I know they are safe until I have sanitised the hutches each day; Bunny could see me through the side of the carrier but would scratch the floor to get my attention, which resulted in my husband having to distract him by taking Bunny out and grooming him while I could get the job done. Bunny’s owner asked if we would provide a cloth to hang in the hutch, which we did; a tea towel was provided as Bunny’s comfort blanket, which he would rub his head and body on. The photograph of Bunny is one of the best photo’s we’ve taken and as you can see he’s quite a handsome chap; the one ear up and one ear down look is a permanent feature, which adds to his roguish character. Without doubt, a very demanding little buck, Bunny liked his own way and he got it most of the time.