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Talluhla is a picture perfect black lop doe who was a real delight to have staying with us this year. Despite being five years old, Talluhla looked remarkably young for her age and very healthy having a stunning shiny coat. She would eat her dry pellets in one sitting but take her time eating veggies, and she loved a small portion of apple now and then. Although I placed a litter tray in the hutch, she wouldn’t use it for its intended purpose preferring instead to use a corner of the hutch. Each day I would fill the tray with hay and she would sit in the middle munching happily for most of the morning, she would then without fail manoeuvre the litter tray to the middle of the hutch and pull the remaining hay out and spread it all over the clean wood shavings – typical! Talluhla is extremely friendly, and didn’t mind being picked up for a fuss, or being groomed.