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Wallykins a one-year-old buck is a rare breed of rabbit known as a ‘Thuringer.’ From the moment his owner placed him in his hutch he was quite a giddy kipper and very energetic. I was informed he loved to eat hay so I placed an extra large bundle at one end of the hutch for him to munch on. Wallykins was in supreme peak condition when he came to stay with us, a stunning bunny who was extremely sociable and who loved his head to be fussed each time the hutch door was opened. Despite providing a litter tray, Wallykins’ toilet habits were confined to a small corner of the hutch; the remainder of the hutch he kept clean and he loved nothing more than to sit in the middle of the hay piled litter tray and munch away contentedly. His appetite was good and he waited patiently each day when I did the lunchtime round with the dry mix. It was a real pleasure to have Wallykins board with us, and also a rare surprise to be acquainted with a Thuringer.