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When Hoppy an orange Polish and Lily a grey Polish came to stay with us for a fortnight both were extremely well behaved and potty trained despite being only four months old. Both sisters got on incredibly well together and neither tried to show dominance toward the other as can happen with some bonded pairs. Both were extremely friendly but preferred being stroked now and then rather than being picked up. The new bunny beds we introduced into the Rabbitry this year went down a treat with Hoppy and Lily who both had plenty of room laying full length when sharing bed times. The high plastic rounded sides enabled us to fill the bunny bed high with hay on a layer of soft wood shavings for each bunny to snuggle down into, which also made them feel extra secure, which is important when boarding away from all the familiarities associated with home. Hoppy and Lily weren’t too bothered about toys but loved chomping through our home made hay crackers and munching chamomile herbage and hay. These two little darlings are sorely missed, and we look forward to seeing them again at Christmas.