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Bubbles would have preferred to have been the only rabbit in the Rabbitry as he adored human attention and would have gladly let me fuss and play with him all day. Each morning when unlocking the Rabbitry door, I learned pretty quickly that Bubbles’ was the first bunny to approach to give a fuss – if I didn’t he would either sulk by laying full length and resting his head on his front paws feeling sorry for himself or stamp his hind legs loudly on his hutch floor. Bubbles could eat for England, he had the most ravenous appetite I’ve ever seen, and his owner instructed that we ensure his food dish was regularly topped up with dry mix, as he was a growing lad at only six months old. Bubbles wasn’t overweight by any stretch of the imagination, in fact he was as fit as a fiddle, and bursting with energy because he never sat still long enough to put on an extra pound or two. The only time he would relax was after eating his lunch when he would give in to an afternoon nap and lay stretched out, full length alongside the bottom of the hutch door. On his first day, Bubbles displayed obvious signs of showing me who was the boss by letting me know he disliked his bunny bed; he tipped it completely upside down and sat nonchalantly on top of it. A plastic corner potty had been provided by his owner which Bubbles saw fit not to use for its intended purpose, and preferred instead to make use of it as a throw toy. Bubbles was very young when he stayed with us, and quite a large bunny for his age, and by the time he’s finished growing he’ll be quite a gorgeous size. Bubbles loves human attention and enjoys being spoken to and having his long ears stroked. He knows how to get his own way and his handsome face and cheeky nature wholly captivated me. As you can see from the photographs, he just wouldn’t keep still – we took over fifty shots of this Duracell Bunny to get a couple of descent pics!!!