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Oscar a blue-eyed white lop visited our Rabbitry for the first time at the beginning of August 2010. Apprehensive of his new environment, and curious of who we were Oscar preferred to study his surroundings and try and make sense of it all. He loved to just sit and watch me doing my daily rounds in the Rabbitry and for the first couple of days didn’t appear, in my presence, to be too active. He had a good appetite and polished off his dry mix and loved to sit and munch hay. Oscar’s owner preferred we give him the odd carrot rather than a full bowl of mixed veggies so as not to upset his sensitive digestion. He displayed no signs of stress when I picked him up to trim his nails and in fact fell asleep on my lap afterward for a couple of minutes until I woke him up to place him back in his hutch. By mid week Oscar had built up trust and confidence in his surroundings, which was evident in the way he became more active and friendly and would regularly sit by the hutch door for a fuss. Oscar is quite the gentlemen bunny – he’s quiet, sensitive and extremely gentle, and although he found it odd to adapt to new smells, sights and sounds he eventually relaxed and felt more at ease. I absolutely adored taking care of Oscar; he’s altogether a handsome bunny with his large blue eyes and masses of white fur – as you can see from his photograph he’s quite photogenic