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Of the two lops, Fluffy (white lop) was the more outgoing than his hutch companion Zack who tended to be a little on the shy side. Both bunnies got on extremely well together and regularly embarked on sporadic mad half hours throughout the day when they would chase each other around the hutch. When their bunny bed was filled to the brim with hay each morning, they would each hop in and munch merrily away until they were distracted by something else to occupy them. Each bunny had a good appetite and we were instructed to keep the food bowl topped up at regular intervals. From monitoring Zack and Fluffy’s daily behaviour and becoming accustomed to their individual habits during their stay, I’m confident both enjoyed their short break with us. We think the photographs reveal the bunny’s personalities; Zack’s image reveals him to be the affable, angelic, and soulful bunny that he is while if you look closely at Fluffys, there’s just a minute hint of mischief in those eyes!