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Brian a one-year-old Rex buck is the apple of his owner’s eye and not just a valued family member but also a treasured companion. Brian is used to being fed a specific three course daily menu, and I was more than happy to assist in keeping to Brian’s daily feeding routine as I think it helped him settle in more quickly. Brian’s daily diet was based on two dry meals a day, one in the morning and one in the evening consisting of Wagg Bunny Brunch supplemented with Beaphar munching sticks and Vitakraft nibble rings thrown in for good measure. He loves fresh herbs for breakfast, a carrot in the afternoon and also the evening with his veggies. As you can see from the first photograph taken on day two of Brian’s stay, he’s quite a laid back and confident little bun who fitted in straight away to his new surroundings. Each time the hutch door was opened Brian would hop forward for a fuss, and it wasn’t long before I got to know Brian’s unique personality. Not too impressed with the bunny bed, he preferred to lay full length on his tummy for regular snoozes. He loved nibbling his way through kitchen roll cores filled with hay and chomping edible toys; Brian’s owners placed three wicker balls in his hutch, which he completely devoured during an all night munching fest. He spent most of the day eating large quantities of hay and for some unknown reason disliked chamomile forage. Brian was quite a tidy rabbit who like everything in its place; he was litter trained and never attempted to change the layout of his hutch by manoeuvring is bed or litter tray or tipping up his water and food bowls. He’s quite an affectionate bunny who adores attention and likes to be picked up especially by his owner who absolutely and unconditionally loves him to bits.