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At only four months old, Buttons a gorgeous little agouti Polish was an energetic little bunny who had plenty of room to run around in his six-foot hutch. To get my full attention, each morning without fail, Buttons would rattle a hay filled metal ball with a bell on the end which was attached to the hutch door, and he could be quite persistent if he had a mind to be. Although his owners provided his favourite toys he loved to pick up a hollow plastic ball and throw it around. He enjoyed eating Timothy Hay for breakfast and would make short work of his bedding. Being litter trained Buttons was a clean rabbit and each morning when I disinfected his litter tray he would undertake a five-minute digging frenzy in the clean wood shavings for fun. At only four months old, he’s still only a very young bunny and adamantly dislikes being picked up at the moment, although I’m sure this will change with time.