I absolutely love the photograph of Bella looking cute and innocent huddled up to her soft toy, which you would think she really adored and cared for but just look more closely; what appears to be a comfort toy has puncture wounds as a result of Bella tossing it around her hutch.  I witnessed first hand Bella’s naughty behaviour when she thought it fit to bite into it and throw it across the hutch each time I placed it in her bunny bed.  This aside, Bella also had an exceptionally friendly side to her nature, which she exhibited throughout her stay with us.  She settled in straight away, and started exploring her hutch as soon as she arrived; she was also exceptionally inquisitive playing with all her toys. She didn’t mind being fussed or handled and as you can see behaved herself during the photo shoot.  Bella’s owner provided her own litter tray preferring instead to fill it with a product called Carefresh Pet Bedding*. Bella had no problems using Carefresh in place of traditional wood shavings; she kept herself, her bedding and the hutch clean.  Throughout her stay, Bella never sat still for two minutes, always hopping around and keeping busy except when she knew it was dinner time at which point she would patiently sit by her bowl waiting.  Bella is a beautiful, friendly and outgoing little bunny, and apart from the odd bust up here and there when she chose to have minor disagreements with her soft toy, she was pleasure to care for.


*Carefresh Pet Bedding is a product manufactured from virgin wood pulp and is eco friendly, hypo allergenic, dust free and eliminates urine odours.  More interestingly it lasts three times longer than wood shavings and is less messy, so if your rabbit is pampered like Bella or a house bunny why not give it a try, it’s not too expensive and a little goes a long way – we thought it a superb product.  If you’re interested check out Carefresh Pet Bedding at Amazon .’