Gladys Gladys in her Bed Neville Neville

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Gladys (white and chocolate) is the larger of the two lops and quite a gentle giant who is the submissive of the pair. While both get on exceptionally well and are well bonded, Gladys tends to wait and see what Neville gets up to and then copies his behaviour. Both bunnies shared a six and a half foot hutch together and each had their own bunny beds at opposite ends of the hutch, which they stuck to religiously at bed times. Both Neville and Gladys loved chocolate drops for a treat each day and didn’t mind me hand feeding them, which I loved to do. My hay stocks depleted quite drastically throughout the two weeks they stayed with us, and each bunny munched their way through quite a lot of hay each day; come morning there wasn’t any hay left to eat and in a temper tantrum both bunny beds without fail would be somehow manoeuvred into the middle of the hutch. Each bunny loved munching hay crackers, and had a liking for cabbage. Nearing the end of their stay we ran out of dry mix, luckily being familiar with the brand of food it wasn’t a problem purchasing some more.

Neville made quite an impression with his cheeky nature and Gladys more so with her size and serenity – both bunnies are pampered at home and we made sure to spoil them on their holidays.