Cute Flopsy Smudge Flopsy Flopsy Smudge

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The portrait photograph of Flopsy (Blue Lop) really shows how beautiful she is, a really gorgeous looking bunny but beneath that soft, fluffy exterior is a little devil trying to get out. The word destructive is, I think, a superb word to describe the antics this little madam got up to. From day one this little bun wasn’t fazed by boarding in unfamiliar surroundings, oh no – she started re-arranging the hutch contents straight away by dragging the litter tray with her teeth. Bowls of food were upturned and she didn’t like the bunny bed where it what so in the process decided to move that too! I just let her get on with it in the hope that she would eventually calm down from all the excitement. However I soon discovered this giddy behaviour was to become a daily occurrence, and I’d better get used to it!

Flopsy’s friend and soon to be hutch mate, Smudge was in a separate hutch as he was due to be neutered in the not too distant future. Smudge was a completely different character; he was clean and tidy and preferred the hutch contents to stay exactly where they were. He used the litter tray regularly and didn’t try to up turn the food dishes. He was friendly and loved to be fussed; he didn’t even mind me cleaning out his hutch each morning, whereas I had to place Flopsy in a holding carrier to get the job done or I’d come under attack from a lunging rabbit who wouldn’t stop doing bunny hops around the hutch and sitting on the shovel! Both bunnies are extremely young and have a lot of growing to do – I’m sure Flopsy will settle down with time. Smudge attracted a lot of attention from visitors during his stay due to his unusual colourings – he’s definitely crossed with a Harlequin breed and I think there’s a small amount of lion head in there for good measure. Either way these much loved bunnies kept me on my toes and I have to say quite amused me throughout their stay.