Thumper after Grooming

Thumper by name and Thumper by nature this Opal British Giant was a little fed up when he came to stay with us. As part of a mini break, this big bunny visited the Rabbitry for a well-deserved groom and pamper.  As you can see Thumper was in full moult and his owners requested we give him a good grooming to get as much of the old fur out in an effort to make him look and feel much better than he did.  It was impossible to groom out the entire moult, as Thumper had not fully completed the cycle, however this big bun looked a whole lot better leaving the Rabbitry than when he arrived, and I’m sure he could feel the difference also.  At six years old, he wasn’t a very active bunny but he was a very spoiled bunny whose owners provided his food consisting of a dry mix including rabbit pellets, muesli and dried fruit.  Thumper also munched his way through quite a few cabbages and carrots in his short stay.  British Giants are without doubt one of my favourite breeds, who are quite soulful and highly sensitive creatures - it was a real pleasure to have Thumper stay with us.