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Cedric stole the show when he came to stay with us last month for a week, and his robust size and cheeky sociable nature attracted attention. Unlike the majority of guinea pigs who tend to hide from view, Cedric loved basking in human attention. He thoroughly enjoyed being stroked over his head and body and being gently scratched behind the ears. Even more bizarre Cedric loved his chin tickling and he would willingly lift up his chin to get satisfaction although when he’d had enough, he would rear his head like a horse, and scuttle off in the opposite direction. Each morning his favourite past time was tipping up a large plastic tray filled with hay, and he would achieve this by placing his front paws on one edge until the hay slid toward him. This little piggy loved water-soluble vitamin C, a taste which he preferred to ordinary drinking water. Cedric loved his fruit and veggies in the evening and as I clearly recall had a penchant for red bell peppers. Each morning one or two-pieces of fruit were left in his bowl; this is normal behaviour as guinea pigs will not overeat they only eat until they feel full. When Cedric wasn’t consuming his time eating food or munching hay he would lie down full length on his tummy inside his plastic dome with his head resting to one side. Cedric is certainly an incredible guinea pig and his unusual habits and sociable character simply add to his fascinating and endearing nature.