To the left of the photo is Bubble who is the mum to Baby Girl seen on the right of the photo (see resemblance) and both have lived quite happily together until Squeak pictured in the middle came to join them. Prior to this recent engagement, Squeak lived with a five year old rabbit named Digger, who unfortunately passed away. Despite the new living arrangements these three lovely ladies get on quite well together although it has to be said Bubble is the boss and has first pick at the food dish. She is also less shy than the other two piggies and more inquisitive, preferring instead to know what’s going on. Whereas Baby Girl and Squeak would hide if I opened the hutch doors, Bubble would on occasion approach me and take food from my hand. In the mornings the food dishes would be empty apart from cherry tomatos, which they adamantly refused to eat; apples, celery, carrots, broccoli, and cabbage they absolutely loved to eat.