Piglet and Chocolate Chocolate Piglet

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Chocolate pictured here on the right of the photograph was four-years-old and Piglet only eight months old when they both came to stay with us for a week in March 2011. Chocolate and Piglet live separately even though we’ve noticed from time to time each piggy display the same traits. Unlike a few of our guinea pig guests who prefer to hide and munch hay all day Chocolate and Piglet enjoy being active preferring instead to explore, and scuttle around their hutches investigating the hutch furnishings, nibbling food and playing hide and seek. Compared to Chocolate, Piglet is the more sociable little piggy and would on occasion bravely wait at the hutch door when fresh veggies were being handed out making all manner of noises to be served first. Both Chocolate and Piglet are quite large boars that are loved to bits by their owner and her mum, which evidently shows as these two cheeky guinea pigs are in superb health.