Domino and Caramel

Domino and Caramel Domino Caramel

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Both Domino and Caramel were only 8 months old when they boarded with us during Spring 2011. Despite being littermates, Domino pictured here on the right of the photo is the dominant boar who tended to be quite vocal and more extrovert than his piggy pal. In contrast Caramel is an elusive little piggy who would often squeak from time to time when food was being dished out. Both were extremely clean for guinea pigs and each had access to their own little dome to hide away and munch hay. Each loved fruit and veggies, however surprisingly both disliked tomatoes of any variety. These two piggies have become an important part of their owner’s family and are the most pampered piggies we’ve had to date.