Benji and Barney

Benji and Barney Benji and Barney Benji and Barney

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Benji and Barney a pair of extremely cute two-year-old mature Abyssinian boars are a breed defined by their unusual and attractive coats consisting of patterns of rosettes, swirls and ridges. Like most healthy guinea pigs these two bundles of fur are quite stocky having reached maturity. Being naturally sociable animals Benji and Barney are the best of piggy pals who thoroughly enjoy each other’s company. Like all guinea pigs they love to play and scuttle around and had fun moving and tossing hollow cardboard rolls around their hutch, nibble and strip bark off wood sticks. Their owner absolutely and unconditionally dotes on these two bundles of fur and to help them settle in to their new surroundings preferred to provide her own hutch furnishings including feeding bowls, two piggy houses and a very long fabric tunnel, which the piggies loved to play with. Benji and Barney’s mum was so protective of her little darlings she made sure each had settled in to their holiday home before leaving them. Meals for these two munching machines started with breakfast at 7.30 a.m. consisting of a handful of greens with cucumber. They liked their dry mix topped up throughout the day and come 8.30 p.m. it was time for a light supper of cucumber with more hay. No need to worry mum, Benji and Barney enjoyed their stay and ate me out of hay and veggies!