Hollie and Maisie Holly and Maisie

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Holly pictured on the right of the photo and Maisie were two and a half years old when they came to stay with us in July 2011. Both piggies shared a five-foot hutch, which was ample room to run around, play and hide. Each had their own dome to retreat to if they wanted time out alone, which they would both often do in the afternoons and indulge in long naps. Holly and Maisie had huge appetites and would eat everything put in front of them; each would grab a tasty morsel from the food dish and they would run off in separate directions to munch in private. They both loved celery, cucumber and carrots but disliked tomatoes, which would always be left uneaten in the dish. Their owner who unconditionally spoils them to bits loves and dotes on this pair of extremely sociable and friendly cute piggies.