Jaffa and Dodger

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Dodger and Jaffa are best of piggy pals although Dodger likes to think he's the boss; each day after piling hay in a large mound at one side of the hutch Jaffa would run and hide in it while Dodger stood chattering and making all manner of noises toward Jaffa in the hope he would move from under the hay – of course Jaffa stood his ground and would have none of it. Both piggies were quite elusive and liking nothing better than to run and hide from view. At feeding times each piggy would go their separate ways with a mouthful of fresh veggies to munch away at in the privacy of their own domes. Dodger and Jaffa were extremely noisy piggies especially at feeding times. Each had a dislike of being handled and would run as fast as bullets if they thought we were going to pick them up for a cuddle. Despite their differences and noisy behaviour, they both settled in well and I hope enjoyed themselves.