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On check-in day, your rabbit will be placed in the hutch size of your choosing which has been disinfected with Trigene, and lined with a layer of dust-extracted wood shavings for your pet’s comfort and hygiene.  Alternatively we can offer carpet in place of woodshavings provided your rabbit is fully litter trained.

In addition your rabbit will find in their hutch the following:

  • A bowl full of Burgess Excel forage
  • A plastic high-sided bunny bed lined with a layer of soft wood shavings, and filled to the brim with hay providing security, warmth and a comfortable place to sleep and relax. All hay is replaced daily when the hutch is cleaned out.  Various sizes of bunny beds are available to cater for all breeds of rabbit, from Dwarf's to Giants.  Alternatively please feel free to bring comfort blankets or fleece beds to use in place of hay.
  • A Plastic litter tray filled with wood based cat litter is provided for your rabbit's toileting, and litter trays are available in various sizes to cater for small, medium and large rabbits. Corner potty's are available on request, alternatively, please feel free to bring your rabbit’s own litter or corner tray.  We do not use clay based or clumping cat litter, as this is harmful to small animals if ingested.
  • Two ceramic feeding bowls are provided for your pets’ daily feeds; one for fresh seasonal vegetables, and the other for your rabbit's dry mix and Excel forage.
  • A water bottle and/or water bowl is provided with fresh water; two designs of water bottle are available, Ezi-Filla or Classic; a Classic water bottle will be attached to your bunny’s hutch unless you state your preference when booking in.
  • Snugglesafe heat pads can be provided on request for old or convalescing rabbits to provide extra comfort and warmth.