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Welcome to the Rabbitry, below we have listed five important issues including security, construction, cleanliness, accommodation and acoustics, which we think may be of interest to you when choosing a suitable boarding establishment for your rabbit or guinea pig.



  • The Rabbitary is protected internally and externally by professionally fitted remotely monitored CCTV's
  • Housing pets indoors ensures they are not exposed to natural predators including foxes, domestic dogs, cats and birds of prey.
  • The Rabbitry is made up of three large double glazed multi-locking windows, which provide natural light and security.
  • The double glazed entrance door is fitted with a multi-point locking system.
  • The Rabbitry has internal 24 hour fluorescent lighting.
  • Two outside lantern lights are located at each side of the entrance door, which are lit from dusk until dawn.
  • A floodlit motion sensor security light is also fitted to the sides and rear of the Rabbitry.
  • The whole garden is floodlit throughout the night.



  • The Rabbitry was designed and built to our specifications purposely to house rabbits and guinea pigs.
  • The brick built construction consists of a tiled roof and concrete floor to create an environment to maintain a cool even temperature throughout the summer months; this ensures that unlike a wooden shed, the temperature within does not fluctuate throughout the day and therefore does not cause overheating and undue stress to our residents.
  • The building is well ventilated having numerous airbricks at floor and roof level allowing for a healthy supply of fresh air to flow throughout without causing harmful drafts.
  • The Rabbitry is set within a quiet, pretty, well stocked, cottage garden setting within a hop, skip and a jump from our home.



  • Hand Sanitiser Alcohol Gel is used throughout the day, and always between handling rabbits or guinea pigs.
  • Grooming tools and utensils including nail clippers are cleaned between each guest
  • Hutch cleaning utensils are disinfected between use with Trigene High Level Surface Disinfectant spray
  • To maintain high levels of cleanliness and disease control a Housekeeping Service is provided daily for each guest to ensure comfort at all times.
  • The Rabbitry floor is fully tiled with red brick coloured terracotta tiles, which is swept, vacuumed daily and fully mopped regularly using a high level surface disinfectant.
  • All hutch fronts are lightly brushed before vacuuming.
  • Block hutch top surfaces are vacuumed and washed with disinfectant.
  • All work surfaces, including storage shelving, waste bin, storage bins, storage drawers, entrance door and window sills are disinfected daily.
  • All windows are washed inside and out regularly.
  • Curtains are vacuumed and washed regularly.
  • Entrance mats are vacuumed on a daily basis and machine washed weekly on a high temperature



  • All hutches are professionally constructed on site by the owner to a specific design. This maximises cleanliness, safety and security ensuring they can be renewed and repaired as required.
  • All rabbit hutches are a minimum of 6 foot wide by 2 foot high and 2 foot deep.
  • Hutches are thoroughly cleaned, swept, vacuumed, disinfected, allowed to dry and dressed for our guests, ready and waiting for check-in.
  • We have a set layout for bunny and piggy hutches however if you would prefer to dress the hutch yourself on arrival with your own furnishings this is also acceptable.
  • Our luxury bespoke indoor rabbit hutches are each named after a specific character from Richard Adam’s classic book and film Watership Down and our piggy hutches are named after famous fictional piggies from film, TV, books, and literature.



  • To reduce stress levels and provide auditory stimulation the radio is played from 8.00 a.m. until 10.00 p.m. and tuned to Radio 2. Rabbits have good memories and become acquainted with voices and jingles on the radio, thereby having a calming effect and making their second visit away from home more familiar.