We offer the following complimentary services free of charge as a duty of care for the health of your pet, which if offered exclusively to all bunny and guinea pig boarders.

The service includes:


Whilst we are not qualified vets, we have attained a certain amount of experience with regard to the health and behaviour of rabbits and guinea pigs; as a matter of course we monitor your pets health and well being daily:


We can look for common signs of diseases and infections for example, ear canker, overgrown incisors, fleas and fur mites, pasturella, syphilis, sore hocks, fly strike, sticky bottoms and E. Cuniculi symptoms

Guinea Pigs

We can check your guinea pig for an over-productive grease gland, ear wax, teeth alignment, fur mites and fleas.

Snuggle Safe HeatpadsSnugglesafe heat pads are available for old or convalescing rabbits and guinea pigs for added comfort and warmth.

fucidil creamIf at the time of boarding, your pet is under veterinary supervision and receiving medical treatment, we will be more than happy to assist in administering drugs orally, topically or via injections.

We have rabbits which board with us regularly who have special needs including extensive medical and dietary regimes. If you have a special needs rabbit we can help give you the peace of mind by continuing your pet's daily medical routine.

beaphar guineapig solutionWe offer Beaphar Guinea Pig Vitamin Solution as standard to all guinea pigs on a daily basis, unless you state otherwise.  Bunny boarders are offered  Beaphar Rabbit Vitamin Solution and / or Vetark Pro-C Biotic to boost a rabbits natural immune system, both of which are available on request.

Rabbit Nail clippersAs a matter of course all pet's nails are checked and trimmed if required.   We also ensure the dew claws are trimmed on rabbits, to allow your pet to groom their head, ears and face more easily. 

If nails are allowed to grow long in rabbits, foot problems can occur due to too much weight being placed on the heel resulting in pododermatitis (Sore Hocks). This condition is common in giant breeds due to their heavy weight and rex breeds due to the footpad only having a thin covering of fur.

Should your pet require their nails clipping between boarding we are always on hand to do this free of charge.

ointmentRabbits at some stage can suffer from sticky bottoms, which may be due to a number of reasons including long term medication, high suger/low fibre diets and stress.  As part of our standard boarding fee, we ensure rabbits suffering with this condition are checked regularly throughout the day, and cleaned using quality products including Bepanthen and Hibiscrub.  We always use disposable gloves and all grooming tools are sterilised.  We can also offer advice on how to improve this condition in your rabbit by following a few simple guidelines, and also demonstrate how to hold your rabbit securely throughout this delicate procedure enabling you to clean your rabbit safely.

combRabbits moult on average every three months, and some moult quicker than others.  If, when boarding with us, your rabbit is moulting we  take a a few minutes each day to groom your pet, making them look and feel better.  Time is taken to tease out knotted fur, old moult and woven in bedding.

Moult Management alleviates the risk of your rabbit ingesting fur when preening, thereby reducing the risk of fur balls, gut stasis and expensive vet bills.