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Casper a two year old mini lop buck was a shy little bunny when he came to stay with us who sat and sulked for the first five days of his holiday, stubbornly refusing to show any signs of interest in his hutch or surroundings. I wasn’t at all worried because he was eating his dry mix and veggies and drinking water, albeit in secret in my absence. Each day I monitored his behaviour regularly and he let me clean out his hutch without any problems. I remember day five so distinctly; as I opened the hutch door to feed Casper, he approached me and let me fuss his head; this became a regular occurrence and I began to see distinct changes in Casper’s behaviour; whenever I was in the Rabbitry Casper would eat and drink in front of me or play with his toys, which was a major transition from his first few days. For the remainder of his stay, I became quite attached to Casper and I regularly held him in my arms for a cuddle twice a day, which is unusual, as the majority of rabbits prefer to be fussed and stroked rather than being picked up. Of my own twelve rabbits, only two like to be picked up and held namely. Florence a French Lop and Pebble a Netherland Dwarf both of whom would happily be fussed all day long. It was a bit of a shock for Casper to be in new and unfamiliar surroundings however he eventually calmed down and settled in and began trusting me. The photographs of Casper really don’t do him justice – he was in full moult throughout his stay with us, however I can honestly say he is one of the most handsome bucks I’ve ever seen, and extremely gentle and friendly, once you get to know him!