Max a Netherland Dwarf Max a Netherland Dwarf

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Max a one-year-old Netherland Dwarf buck, for some unknown reason took a disliking to Richard on day one by sinking his front teeth into his thumb. Despite leaving quite a mark, of course Richard exaggerated the ordeal and it later emerged why Max became disgruntled; my hubby had attempted to move a pear from the hutch which Max hadn’t bothered to eat. Bunny behaviour of this sort rarely occurs within the Rabbitry, and in an effort not to upset Max any further; I personally made sure to tend to Max’s every need. Max was quite an energetic bunny although we find with the majority of Netherland Dwarfs their behaviour is divided between borderline catatonic and positively energetic. Max was extremely curious of his surroundings from being checked in, and unlike the negative response displayed toward Richard, Max took an immediate liking to me and loved me picking him up to be fussed and tickled, in fact we got on very well together. As you can see, his photograph is one of the cutest we’ve taken.