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Snowy a three-year-old buck was exceptionally shy when visiting us for the first time this summer. He sat quietly for the first couple of days just simply observing us coming in and out of the rabbitry at regular intervals throughout the day, and watching other boarders in the hutches opposite to him. At the time of his stay, Snowy was in full moult, which can make some bunnies feel a little fed up and lethargic. On several occasions my husband would take Snowy out of his hutch and spend ten minutes just grooming his coat to alleviate the build up of loose fur, which had accumulated during the process of new fur growth. Moult in rabbits can take days or even weeks to end; it all depends on the health of the rabbit and the time of year. Grooming a rabbit is instantaneously beneficial for any bunny and the results can start to be seen immediately not just from a physical perspective but also in the behaviour the rabbit displays. Placed back in the hutch after having some ‘me time’, Snowy perked up and showed signs of becoming more active by cleaning himself and being more interested in the daily routine and less bashful. Most bunnies love to be handled and by the end of his stay Snowy had steadily built up trust with both of us and became comfortable in his new surroundings. Snowy loved to lay full length in his litter tray filled with hay, and rest his head on the edge looking cute. He had a very good appetite and loved to consume both his dry mix, veggies and the odd hay stick as a treat. The photos we took of him reveal him to be the true beauty he is and, quite the picture perfect bunny – wouldn’t you agree?