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Sky a smooth haired guinea pig sow, was very active when she came to stay at Barnsley Bunny Boarding, but most of all was exceptionally clean for a guinea pig unlike my own guinea pigs Bubble and Squeak who are untidy and very messy to say the least. Sky loved to run around the six foot hutch and devised a route which she would undertake at regular intervals, which involved racing around the litter tray a couple of times, running through a large tube, and around her dome before landing in a pile of hay which she would hide in. Sky drank plenty of water, including the extra water bottle, which we provided filled with vitamin C supplement, and gnawed away at the best part of a mineral lick. She would squeak every day when she saw me doing the rounds with the veggies and fruit, which she gobbled up in one sitting, although she wasn’t very fond of her dry mix and rarely touched it. Her favourite fruit is apple.