Top Tips for Cooling your Bunny

In Summer or hot weather:

  • Ensure bunny has access to a full bottle of fresh water daily; sometimes it’s a good idea to fix two water bottles to the hutch – you’ll be surprised how much more water bunnies drink during the summer months.
  • Always ensure hutches do not face a southerly direction, as wooden hutches can heat up quickly and turn into ovens during midday, causing your bunny to over heat.  Place hutches in a shaded area in the garden, which is not in direct sunshine.
  • If you keep rabbits in a shed or summer house, its always a good idea to keep a thermometer in view to check regularly on hot summer days, ideally sheds should be situated in shaded areas of the garden to prevent the inside from getting too hot.  Fans and air conditioning units are also another option.
  • Ensure you have the appropriate sized hutch for your bunny to promote adequate ventilation.  A large bunny in a small hutch is going to suffer heat stroke quickly during summer temperatures as there is no-where for air to circulate.
  • Heat stroke can be exacerbated by overweight or pregnant bunnies and long fur breeds
  • Keep making regular daily checks on your bunny during hot sunny days.
  • You can also freeze a water filled plastic pop bottle ,wrap in a towel and place in the corner of your rabbits hutch to help cool them.
  • If your rabbit exhibits signs of panting heavily, and lying out fully on the hutch floor, these are common physical signs of heat stroke. If your rabbits ears are hot to the touch and the mouth is salivating you need to act quickly to prevent possible epileptic fits or even death

DON’T PANIC , instead

  1. Remove bunny from hutch and place somewhere quiet and cool for example on a cool tiled floor or chaded concrete.
    • Dampen a tea towel/towel with cool water, NOT ice cold water and place on the back of bunny’s neck, ears and head for a few seconds at a time. 
    • Keep repeating the process until you see signs the bunny is recovering.
  3. To hydrate your rabbit cut a quarter of peeled cucumber into cubes with celery slices and place in a dish.
  • It is usually a good idea to get your bunny checked by a vet as they may be dehydrated and in need of intravenous fluids.
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